Paul Körting´s company logo was modernised over the years and about three could be found the the records of the family business.

It can be argued if this was the first official logo of the company due to the start of the business during the German empire in 1864. The company added the wording “Sägewerk & Holzhandlung” to the name later on.  Steam engines were seen as modern back in 1864 and therefore the company stressed this feature as it was operating the sawmill with steam engines.

1864 - 1960
1864 – 1960





The logo needed to be modernised and the font style adjusted over time. The new logo was designed less in a handwritten style and easily readable. The additional words “Dampfsägewerk” was changed to “Sägewerk & Holzhandlung” as the second industrial revolution changed the whole industry again.






During the last decade of the traditional business the logo changed a last time its font style in order to modernise the appearance. The new director of the company was called Herbert and not Paul anymore but the additional wording of “Sägewerk & Holzhandlung” stayed with he name.






The company shut down in 1989 and Herbert Körting sadly died with his company as the last director operating the business. If he had been still around he would have modernised the business to ensure the fourth generation could have taken over it at some point. Maybe he would have changed it into trading firm due to all his experience. Below a draft how it could have continued even today as Herbert Körting himself stood for international business like nobody else in his family before.

concept in 2015